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A message from J.D.

I have the honor and privilege of being a member of the Arizona State Senate. I represent LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 17 (Chandler, Gilbert and Sun Lakes).

I ran for office because I was tired of politicians running for office on promises they were unable (or unwilling) to keep, claiming to be "different" only to turn out like everybody else: part of the system; part of the problem. I did not make grandiose promises, but pledged to keep an open door and an open mind. I also promised to put my constituents first and to use my background as a community college teacher and small business owner, and experience as a former legislative policy advisor to accomplish things that others could not.

I have kept those promises. In my first term as your Representative I introduced landmark job-creation legislation that was signed into law, for which I was named "Representative of the Year" by business leaders. I was also made Chairman of the prestigious House Commerce Committee. Other bills that I introduced and that are now law: directed more educational dollars into classrooms, created the Address Confidentiality Program for survivors of domestic violence and sexual offenses, outlawed a despicable practice known commonly as "revenge porn," helped employees who are owed wages, and promoted veteran-friendly college campuses. I also received the Open Government Leader of the Year award for legislation geared towards making government more transparent.

If you have any questions of me, or if I can be of service, I would love to connect directly with you. My cell phone is: 480-447-8244. Or you can reach me in my office at the State Capitol: 602-926-4481. I like having verbal conversations with folks, but if you'd rather go a different route, you can also text, email, Facebook-message, use Twitter, send letters... whichever fits your M.O. In the meantime, know that I do not take lightly the responsibility that has been placed upon me as your elected State Senator. Serving in this capacity has been a distinct honor and I hope you will vote to extend that honor another two years!

Thanks for stopping by! God bless!

J.D. Mesnard
Arizona State Senate, District 17