JD Mesnard State Senate

Fiscal Responsibility

Where I Stand

I support keeping taxes as low as possible, and we can’t have low taxes with reckless government spending. The fact is, the more government spends, the more we pay for it in higher taxes and/or saddle future generations with unsustainable debt. That doesn’t mean that all government spending is bad. For instance, funding public safety, a quality education system and infrastructure are all necessary public goods. But I also believe that state government should follow the same financial guidelines that any responsible individual or family would follow: spend only what’s necessary, don’t rack up debt, invest in your learning, save for the future, and when times get tough, find responsible ways to trim.

What I've Done. Important Laws I Wrote.

HB 2226: compact balanced budget; convention

Joins Arizona to a state compact in support of a federal balanced budget amendment

HB 2528: index exemptions; unused tax credit

Simplified the income tax code by reducing carve-outs.

SB 1091: Budget stabilization fund; deposits

Authorized more savings for the state’s rainy-day fund to help during economic crises.

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