JD Mesnard State Senate

Public Safety

Where I Stand

There is no greater responsibility of government than keeping people safe, whether in their homes, at their workplaces, at school or out in the community. We should do everything in our power to keep violent criminals off our streets. I have the utmost respect for our law enforcement and first responders who face exceedingly difficult situations where split second decisions must be made that can be a matter of life or death. While we should not tolerate bad actors or unjust decisions, we also should not attack all of law enforcement because of the bad actions of a few. Dialoguing about race-related challenges is perfectly reasonable but defunding our police is not. The vast majority of law enforcement are good and noble people who run toward danger in order to protect us. As with all our first responders, they should be praised, not denigrated. Our communities are safer when we appreciate and show respect for each other. Finally, public safety must include combatting human, drug and weapons trafficking by securing our border.

What I've Done. Important Laws I Wrote.

HB 2540: Criminal justice; budget reconciliation (2017)

Established the DPS Forensics Fund for new fingerprint identification equipment.

HB 2742: Murder; domestic violence; inheritance (2012)

Stops murderers from inheriting their victim’s estate.

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