JD Mesnard State Senate

Jobs & Small Businesses

Where I Stand

The best way government can help create jobs is to stop strangling employers. Small businesses cannot be taxed and regulated with ever-increasing intensity without the inevitable consequences that follow: increased prices for the consumer, reduced wages for employees, and, worst of all, job losses for the community. This is especially true with the challenges brought on by COVID-19. I will continue to look for ways to cut the tax and regulatory burden on our small businesses while investing in workforce development to help those trying to navigate a constantly changing economic and technological environment learn the skills they need to succeed. And I will continue to oppose “special deals” or “carve-outs” for big corporations. They need to follow the rules like everybody else. We just need to make sure those rules are fair and not overly burdensome so that they can focus their energy on providing high-wage jobs and quality products.

What I've Done. Important Laws I Wrote.

HB 2531: Income tax; instate depreciation (2013)

Allows businesses to more quickly deduct equipment expenses.

HB 2815: Employment; incentives; regulatory tax credit (2012)

Landmark job creation legislation.

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